Welcome to Chronic Invisible Illness - Australia. This site was born on the 7th November 2012. Most people with a Chronic Illness are struggling on a daily basis, and what makes it even worse is that these people often look normal and well making it very hard for those not affected to understand the enormity of having such a illness. 

I have used the word 'Invisible' as to the world they are invisible but to the person affected the outcome is often many years of suffering in silence.

Chronic Invisible Illness for the most part are often misunderstood not only by the general public but often by the medical profession.

How do we get more recognition for those suffering? The answer in my mind is not necessarily to have stand-alone associations (although we do need these as well) but to lobby together for better education, funding and ultimately recognition. If this is of interest to you please drop me a email.

It is not widely recognised that most Chronic Illness are the result of a chronic inflammation. These conditions can range from allergies to more serious diseases such as lupus, crohn's, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lyme disease, sarcoidosis, MS, RA, diabetes, chronic fatigue etc. and are not age related as suggested in many sites. 

Chronic diseases are linked or associated with infectious pathogens.[1][2] A disease is said to be linked or associated with an infectious pathogen when that pathogen is found more frequently in patients with the disease than in healthy controls. Often, infectious pathogens associated with a disease may be suspected of playing a causal role in that disease - and some scientists believe a substantial portion of chronic diseases may in part be caused by infectious agents[3]

I believe the above to be true and one of my objectives is to spread the news that Chronic Invisible Illness can be treated with a relatively new treatment called Inflammation Therapy. If you would like me to point you in the right direction please email via the email address below.

Explaining Invisible Illness To Friends Can Be Challenging